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      You Never Learned Your Lesson


guess here we go again…Patrick, I think you really have not learned your lesson.  It is just fine, right?  You met Carla, the person you have met through chat way back about 3 or 2 years ago.  You know that whatever you have, if ever you were struck at that first instance, you clearly knew that you will never succeed and that you would never win her over. You went out, yup!  You met her just last Saturday and think of what possible things would happen.  Do you think you’ll find her without any commitments? Do you believe and did you really believe there would be a chance you’d get to have her for your girlfriend?  Well, maybe you did not realize that or maybe you just believed there would be a chance that she might not be committed to anyone and that you could court her… FAT CHANCE!!!! IDIOT!!!  Have you not been sick and tired of what’s happening in your life?  Have you not learned your lessons yet? DUMB ASS!!!  No one can ever fall for you… No one will ever like or love you cause you’re STUPID!!!  You are simply STUPID!!! So  why don’t you just stop all your fantasies and dreams of you meeting someone who would eventually love you and not fool you around or play with your emotions cause there’s simply no one in this world who would.  Why not just take pride in what you have, continue running the business you’ve started and focus.  WHAT YOU NEED IS FOCUS!!! Focus on your work; your business and make things work out for the best.  Women would just destroy you… Have you not learned your lessons yet from Peachy, Yvette, Gemma, Imee, Rachelle, and Laura? They’ve hurt you, never gave you the chance and all was just an abuse because they all just ran after your money.  Yvette and Imee just used you, a cover and played around with your emotions.  They never loved you but only used you.  Yvette used you to cover up for her relationship with his true boyfriend from her family.  Imee used you at times when her boyfriend did not have time for her.  You know what Gemma, Peachy and Laura did, right?  Do I have to remind you about it?  They all ran after your money, what you can give and then when you were broke and had not a single centavo in your pocket, they left. Isn’t it great or what?  Now tell me, can anything good happen in your life?


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