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      Crying is Over...


At first I was a girl who tries to fight for the so called "love" even though I know that the man that I have been fighting for, was not worthy for any of my efforts. For almost a year, me and my boyfriend have been together, and never noticed that he was cheating on me because I've been too blind to see it,too foolish not to feel it,all because of my love for him. One time when I was inside the car my phone just rang,suddenly my heart beats too fast and my hands are shaking.for no further reasons at all, then I read my message..My tears just drop off my eyes and just keep myself in silence inside the car. I can't stop crying after having the knowledge that my boyfriend was caught kissing someone. The most hurtful thing that I have heard in my life. I just can't believe that i love this guy,even fight for him in front of my parents and my relatives. After all, I tried to confront him nicely and all he can say is that "he did not do it". My cousin was there and I know my cousin will never make such stories to destroy us. The only question that comes in to my mind that time was"how can I trust him if this was not the first time that he cheats on me". Yeah, you heard it right, this was not the first time, but still I gave him this chance to change,I think I was wrong.And really make up my mind to break up with him. after a few weeks I heard that he found someone new,isn't it so fast?is he really doing all this things to hurt me in purpose?A year passed and still can't move on. There are some guys who wants to come in to my life,and because of so much pain, I won't allow anyone. My life goes on, and suddenly decided to join a dance group in school to make myself busy. Even not noticing it a guy whose in that dance group falls in love with me. As usual Even though it's hard for me I told him not to because I don't want to be hurt again. I thought after telling it to him, he would stop, go away and not to make friends with me again but I was wrong.He make friends with me for months and even try to ask me again.Is he crazy?I just told him not to but I can see great effort in him that i haven't seen in my ex boyfriend.He do everything for me,and at this very first time i really felt the love that has faith and loyalty.It's hard to trust but I can see that he is really working hard to get my full trust.And after all "i was so happy that he comes in to my life" I can't already feel bitterness to my ex boyfriend because I realized that.I will never meet "Earvin R. Pambago" if it was not for my ex boyfriend hurting me. "crying is over"Now I'm proud to say that I'm deeply in love with this guy,He was everything to me.He makes me happy and makes my days extraordinary=) 


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