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      I loved, but I was fooled


I met Peachy last year when I was starting up a simple business.  I never knew that I would fall for her.  We became friends, and there, I found out that she has 4 kids, 2 are with her former husband, and 2 are staying with her.  She had a long circus of a story, where she was forced to move out with her husband, went with a guy who left her two kids.  That guy was a big time smuggler in a casino, she fell into drugs and became an addict herself and now, she has been living in one roof with her mother.


I thought she loved me, as time went by...we became lovers, but then noticed a sudden change in her.  She started arguing with me, shouting at me whenever I could not provide for their expenses (she and her two kids) when in fact, it is not anymore my responsibility since we're not even married.  I started testing her by limiting the money I would give because she already started making my financial expenses worse.


I have this habit of loving a person and giving her everything and thus, whenever she would be asking me for something, I would immediately be giving it to her.  I even supported and funded the mini-store that she had where I spent almost 10,000 to buy for the goods that she would be selling in that store without her paying me a single centavo, spent for the tuition fee and school needs of her two kids, and lots more.


To my surprise, when I started not giving her any money, she started arguing, shouting at me and started not being sweet and became totally indifferent...One time I confronted her, she told me she never did love me but simply loved my money and told me that no one would really love me if not for money.


It's sad but I guess there's that painful part of reality that people do not love you for who you are but for the money.  Some pretend to love you because you provide them with something that their current partners could not give.  Some would end up using you to get over their past relationship, a rebound on your end.  How I wish these types of people would all just be striked by lightning and fall down on the ground and just die because they don't seem to realize that you are human as well, that you have your emotions that they simply are playing with.


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