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      A True Love


I meant this guy name Dave and he is great, the best thing that ever happened to me actually. We first meant on Washington Ave. when his best friend liked me, but the thing  was i didn't want him i wanted Dave. We started to chill once he realized i liked him i guess that's why, but anyway we didn't go out for a while but he knew that i liked him alot and i hope he liked me to, after about 1 month or something we finally got together, i guess it took so long cause his best friend wanted me to bad for him i thought. we started dating and things were great, i chilled with him everyday all day long, i loved it because i loved him things went great for like 6 months or so. Things started going down hill from there we fought all the time and it was hell, we broke up after that. It was the most devastating thing that ever happened to me i got my heart broken and so did he. Me and Dave didn't talk for like a year, We tried to just let things go hi a little more then me, but i guess are love was to strong to let it go, I had a get together at my house and i chilled with some of his friends and they stopped over and he was with it was great to see hm again, they weren't going to come in, but something made him say yes so we finally talked for the first time in a long time i was so happy. We got together like 1 week after that i love him so much and we have been together for around 3 months now and its going to be great this time, we plan on getting a place,get married, and have kids. This time things will be different even if they seem not, this love is strong and theres nothing in the world that will keep us from being together again. This is a true love if something goes wrong don't give up right away keep trying, cause if its true the love will never go away, keep this in mind if or if you had your heart broken its never to late and if it is then your true love is out there somewhere.


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