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      Lies disguised as love


I know you have to go... you need to fulfill you're dreams... you need to know what's've said you want to achieve and face it all with me... but now as you reach you're come that you forgot everything about me...all at once everything change...


He's been with me for 8 months, but that few months felt like years. He promised that he'll come back but 5 months had passed and still he didn't return. I didn't got any text or phone calls from him. I don't know what's happening, I'm like a kid who waits for something she don't know if existing. I wait... and wait... I can't do anything but to hope that he'll be back..


I open his friendster account and it's only there that I found out that he already have his new girl. I want to break down and cry, but it never happen but I know inside me, I feel lost . We don't have a formal break up. He just left me that way, with some unanswered questions in my mind.. and it's still bothering me now...


With all my pride eaten up, I try to call him, to clear all this things, but by then I've learned that he changed his number. He finish it all up without me being told. He leave me hanging on..he didn't even became a man to face me and be able to say why it end up this way. He's too selfish!


I learn to forgive him, but I never learn to foget. How can he have the guts to do this to me? I give it all, but it wasn't enough for him. Some people asked me of what I should do if I see him again..well I really don't know..


I want to ask him, what really happened while we' re apart? of how and why he forgot about me and never return? Am I the one who made a mistake? why can't he even face me? or did he really love me or just used me right from the start?


I think it's better if he told me that he'll leave me forever than to made me believe that he'll be back.. Can distance really change things... for only 5months?


One thing I've learn from you??? Spending my life with you is a mistake, I regret that I prioritized and choose you over my family. I deserve more... More than you... because of what you've done to me? You're nothing!!! You're not worth it all... I don't deserve you!


This is how it cruel... only with questions left unanswered... 


and with the fact the sometimes lies disguised as love.


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