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      Why unrequited so complicated?


my story goes like this. since the fifth and six grade i wasn't really that in to girls, even though a lot of girls fancy me so much, i don't even bother. then suddenly when high school came up with my life, the girl who made me miserable and depress all the time.


i just realise that the first i saw this girl, I'm going to be in loved.

my first whole year of my high school became complicated to me because i just found out that I'm not really doing well on my grades because of the girl that i keep mesmerising. This wasn't really I'm as i speak to my self. i hate having an unforgivable marks. but as i second thought i cant blame my self, because this girl who keeps me doing like this, its like a cursed that god gave to me.

well as i go through my mind that why the heck I'm so in love with this girl is... well she has the most lovely eyes in the world, uhmm well she has the most heart melting smiles and her simpleness made her self so perfect.


as the first year of my high school ends, and the day that holidays started. i never seen her for 2 months. but suddenly at the middle of my holiday, one of her best friend emailed me for some chat through YM. i agreed coz i dont nothing to do in my holidays.

we've talked almost everyday even though were not really close in our classes, i just realise that she likes me alot. then this thought came up to my mind to ask her to help me to her best friend so i can go out with her. but the thing is i didn't actually tell her that i need her help for her bestfriend, and thats one of my biggest mistake of my life.


it was one of my cousins b day and i was drunk, the party ended in 3am in morning then i opened my Ymessenger if someones pm me. i saw the email of her bestfriend leaving a status message that she was still not sleeping coz she wanted to talk to me.


i was so drunk that i dont even know what weve been discusting.

i wake up 11 in the morning with hang over. i was making a cereal when someone knock on the door, i was suprise the best friend of her showed up and kissed me, well i was so confuse when that time happen, i just let her talked to think what the hell really happen. she start talking about meeting his parents to have dinner tonight. well after she left she gave me another simple kiss and leaving saying i love you to me. i was in shocked after she leave because i dont really understand what happen.


i remembered that before i came to sleep she was the last person i talked too. i checked the things weve talked about last night and i found out that  she confess that she really likes me alot then i also read  what kind of answer i gave and i read that i answered back that i like her as well.


i was in deep shock because i dont really like her, but i i dont want her to be hurt because of that. then..i came up with really a bad mistake of my life, i decided to myself that im going out with her,


the night when were having a dinner in their house i met her parents and i remembered that she dont have any mother because of his dad *divorce*. well she already said that to me but im still confused that a 13 year old like us was taking it seriously this misunderstanding, well for me, well still wondering why his dad invite me to have a dinner with her daughter, im starting to get suspicious with his dad.


The school year started and i was so ready for it. when the first time i saw my friends again i was so happy but then i saw her..the girl who makes my life up and down...well she dont seems so happy, i dont know if it because of the school started again or she has a problem. well i was so happy in that first day because theirs a lot of things i talked about my friends like sports thingy and new music some stuff...well i never telled them what em i feel right now. this complication of my situation. well my girlfriend as i recommended break up with me because she have to leave our country to go in UK but she sweared to me that she will came back...but i replied to her that if were really meant together were really together.she leaves after the first month of school days.

after 1 week after she leave..i just realise that she was alright. coz she beautiful and she loves me. but why em i being stuck with this girl who is really very confusing sometimes.


well the break up really makes me feel better coz i dont have to worry in anything.

this past few months my parents came back home in our country to bring me were our business is. i asked my parents to spent one more month with my friends before i leave. it was december, the start of my last month with school and my friends. well... as if this is the last month i was encouraged myself to say to her that i loved her so much before i leave. well before i do that, there so many things that came in my mind before i confess to her..

the thing that if she likes me or not, or if she likes me why now em i confessing?

after that i came up with the answer that i shouldnt say anthing before i leave.



It was our xmas party in our school and you need to ask someone to dance with, i got a lot of offers but i refused them because im planning to ask her for a dance.

so i came to the party with no partner around me. then the dance started to start, i was too scared to ask her because she was sleeping in that  but i encouraged myself to ask her. but then on i was shocked that she noticed me


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