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      Love won't let us give up


my name is casey i'm 15 and a sophomore. i've been dating this guy devon. it all started my freshman year I was stuck between him and his best friend and i was forced to choose between them. after about 2 months and a lot of tears i finally choose devon. one of the best decisions i have ever made. everything was going great. i was surprised how fast i fell for him. we said i love you for the 1st time after 1 week. but then something changed in my parents everything i did wrong became his fault.


my freshman year ended and over the summer i was not allowed to talk to him or see him. i found time at friends houses or whenever i was home alone to call him. it was so hard. he even came to my house one night at 2 in the morning just to see if i was ok and to tell me he loved me.


summer ended and i became a sophomore. its been 10 months together and me and devon have never been happier. we talk about our future all the time and we plan on spending the rest of our lives together. of course my parents still try to break us up but it won't work. what we have is real it is not something we are making up.


if you have a story like mine i know that it is hard but you have to trust that it is going to work. i ask devon constantly how we have over come this much and he looks in my eyes and says because love won't let us give up!




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