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      Martyrdom because of love


when i entered college, i met the guy that played an important role in my life. after a month, we became friends. we often spend time with each other at the library, at the canteen and along the corridors. he is a funny guy that never ran out of jokes. he always make me happy in ways he never see. he has a "heart" to everyone. despite of his weaknesses, he still remain perfect for me.


no doubt, i fell in love with him. but as soon as he notice me having a feeling of "more than friends" for him, he began to avoid me. i was very lonely then.


until one day, he and my best friend became friends. that friend of mine convinced him to return back our friendship. then we became friends again.


i thought this is the start of happy love story between he and me. but i was wrong, really wrong.


she courted my best friend but she refused. it is because she know how much i love him. i felt guilty and said that she don't need to do that because she loved him too.


then she began to convince him that he should love me. that made him become angry with me.


because i love him and i love my best friend too, and i want them to be happy, i pretend to have a crush on one of our classmates and pretend that i no longer love him.


they become sweethearts, and despite the pain i feel, i am happy for them.


until now, i still love him. we are still classmates until now. and whenever i see them, my heart breaks into pieces. but that is love. you should do anything just to make him happy. i guess we are not meant for each other


my broken heart is waiting for the man whom i will love and can love me in return.


please comment on this.


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