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      Why do you have to fall in love sooooo quick?


 hello, my story is about a guy i met at church, he was my friends' brother........

   so  i fel deeply inlove with him and we talked everyday we went to stone mtn. together we have a lot of memories left behind but he was only in GA. on vacation so i knew it wasn't gonna work out but i couldn't stop thinking about him i gave him my heart... it was my actual first love not crush love!!! and well one day my brother asked me , aske him if he likes amanda ( my bro's gf) so i did and it killed me he said yes that KILLED me! i cried myself to sleep and after that i was like guess who i like:? i was like blah..... blahh........ and then i was like you... and he said i just like you as friedn.i it's been almost 2 years and i can't forget him it's till  really hard!!!



         Right now i am 14 and i was 13 when i met him so i almost 15 though. so yea i can't forget him i still have messages frm him safely keeped i still say hi to him now and then..




    bye- peace out peeop!


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