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      The best day of my life / and the worst day of my life!!!


I met him in a wedding, i was dancing with my mates. so basically i said to my friends aw that boy is so sexy i like him.. so one of my girlfriend went to him an told him that i like him. and i was standing there an he came to me an ask me if i want to dance with him an i was like '''yeah sure''' while we were dancing we were talking to each other an our conversation end up have you got a boyfriend i was like no am single what about you he was like am single to. at the end he ask me my number so i gave it to him.

At the same night he called me an ask me what do you thing if we go to cinema, i was like is great wen; what about tomorrow if you are not busy, no that is fine.

We been together for 3years. We been talking about marriage, an we been planning when we going do it.

He has been cheating on me with my own cousin. Basically he told her that he was single and told her different name. So me and my cousin went to town an i have seen him, i didn't knew anything about them the relationship between them. i called him an said to him let me introduce to my cousin, they both went quite, they said hi to each other. when i went home my cousin called me and said to me; am really sorry i didn't meant to hurt you. i was like what you talking about she was like am been dating your boyfriend; i was like how. she told me the whole story and i said to her thanks for telling me and do not call me anymore i don't know you end of story.

After that i called him an i said to him, when i have seen you in town why didn't you both talk. he was like what you talking about, i know the whole story she told me, telling her that you are single an telling her different name is nice to hear it from her isnit.

Basically tell your family that the wedding is off i don't want to marry a cheater like you. from now on i don't know you.

So girls all the boys aren't the same so watch out! who you chose.


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