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      My biggest mistake


I've been trapped in a loveless marriage for ten years now, I always thought that if there was someone who would stay would be me. Unfortunately after I found out that my husband has been having extra marital affairs for the last year of our marriage...I felt devastated, and very vulnerable.

I met this sweet guy on the internet...he wrote me poetry....he sang to me over the phone, he just knew how to touch my heart. We met in person...and on the first night it felt to me as if I have known this man all my life. I fell in love with him over the phone.....we talked over the phone at least four times a day....I was ecstatic....after our first night together, he told me that he loves me....I was dumb enough to believe "Mr Charmer"...(stupid. naive me). I'm torn up inside...I've been duped, not only by my husband, but also "Mr Charmer", more like a skunk if you ask me now. I will never trust another man for as long as I live. I never thought I was a stupid naive woman...I honestly gave my heart to him...and I thought he felt the same. We have been together after our first night and everything seemed to be ok, until I found out that he were spending time with another can a man be so cruel...I might be pregnant now and was not because of my negligence....but because with my dumb luck. the condom went bust on me. and burst.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do now...but one thing is for sure...I wont be going to him for husband surprised me by telling me that he will except the baby as his and that he will love my baby as his is that for justice.....I cant trust them again. I cannot allow my baby to grow up in an environment where there is no love between two mature baby needs all the love he or she deserves. I will just have to be strong and teach my child how to love and respect the opposite sex for starters and also how to grow up as a wonderful strong and trustworthy human being.


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