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      Another playing of games (a 28 year old guy versus 21 year old girl)


I've been in playing games before but this is the game that i don't know if i will feel happy or sad. .one of my guy friends introduced to us his bestfriend a 28 year old guy. a tall, dark and handsome guy. and the girl which is me hehe 5'6, sexy, average goodlooking girl *sigh.lot of girls go  gaga over him, coz of his killer eyes. it was all started at teasing. i never taught that it will be end up like this coz he's not my type, coz i know he really was a chickboy. it was my friend, yah one of my girl friends, we teased that guy to her because she got crush on him. i really really dont have feelings or idea bout him. so months past we dont have any news bout the guy. it was silence from me and my friends. then one day in an unexpected day. the guy's bestfriend which is our friend to. teased me to him, i dont know why. i did not show any aspect or any hint that i do like him coz i was totally not! i just asked our friend about the guy just some kinda typical question like "how was he?" and it all end up on teasing then all of a sudden all day they keep teasing and teasing till the guy asked to our friend how was i. then one day we meet again in an unexpected time, day, and place. and boom! he sits besides me. and we talked, we laughed, we shared jokes and etc. then sad to say before i got home (in a car) we kissed (1st base-necking). i dont know maybe because we drunk?!, or maybe because we missed each other. i dont know it was all happened in just blink of an eye.

then, day passed we meet again, hang out together but we are so sweet like boyfriend and girlfriend. i think we dont have commitment or shall we say again a fucking friends? not so! . i know he doesnt like me, he just take advantage the teasing and etc. the worst is I FEEL SOMETHING on this game. yah! i was starting to fall on him. god damn it! i hate teasing ever since! oh man, another game,another lose, fuck! he has a girlfriend. and i know him, my friend told me his attitude, his wrong doings, his... i dont know, he was a really really a bad guy. but why do i feel like "OK"?! no discouragement? why?! is it because i do accept him for who he was?! im insane! his really a certified chickboy, playboy coz eventhough my friends he do things like a man stuff when it comes to a girl. but my friends refused because they dont want to betrayed me. we're friends and no man can b rake us all. no one will put her ass to him because one of us got some kinda happening with him. i want him to know me more. coz what he sees is not what he gets. i do like him. ill fight for him although i know it is possible that he will be mine. if playing his game is the only way to get close to him then ill bet my last coin but i know at the end of this game i am the loser! i want a serious realtionship. im sick and tired for these!


*sigh. come what may, whatever happens. i dont wanna be a mistress. gotta get off my ass from this shit! ill surrender and back off. ill take the back seats on it. whatever happens im the loser man!

what kind of game ! cant swallow it


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