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      The straw that broke the camel's back


My boyfriend and I dated for almost five years. During which time we both saw other people, but were a constant in each other's lives. He wanted to commit earlier, but I was not sure if that was what I wanted.

Last year my 35 year old brother got sick and died on New Year's Eve after open heart surgery. He was there for me during my time of bereavement and we became even closer and the next thing I new "he was my boyfriend" and we were in a relationship. I love him very much but sometimes feel that he is not the man for me long term (husband). I feel like I am the one always pushing him and advising him on his business ventures and I miss having a man stimulate me in the same way. However, I love him dearly and it has been a year and a half that we have been together.

He owns a boutique and works long hours and I complain about the lack of quality time that we spend together because he is always tired. I often try to end it but he always convinces me to stay and work it out. I was complaining about not being happy the other day and after talking and smoothing things over he takes a shower and when he gets out I hand him some boxers - unfortunately for me, they were not his! At the moment I did not know who's they were and just assumed that they were someone's from my past - since I am a pack rat and actually dug them out of my sock bag in the back of my closet. This happened two weeks ago and he has not spoken to me since. My position was if they were someone else's - that doesn't mean I am cheating, I just didn't realize that they were still there. I later realized that they were my brother's boxers that he had mistakenly left the last time he stayed here. He does not believe me and is still not speaking to me. I know he loves me very much and I have done some things in the past to impact his trust, but I have realized over these two weeks how much I love him and want to be with him. What do I do? He will not take my calls and when I forced a conversation by going to his house he said that he has nothing to say to me! When I have tried to break up with him in the past he would just call my phone repeatedly until I answered, but he is not giving in to my calls. He told me that I was selfish they other day and that this is not about how I feel. I have not called back since. It has been 3 days and two weeks today since it happened? What do I do? He did not even call me today on Christmas.


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