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      Cant forget about you


Everything began a year ago at science friend knew him but i just wouldn't talk 2 him becuz i didnt know my friend waz talkin 2 him and i decided to go seat wit them......we all started talkin and i really enjoy it...



One day my friend was saying goodbye to him and she hugged him......The next day ma friend send me a note and asked me aif i got jealous when she hugged him? so at first i said no but then i told her that i did....well ma friend kept the note and put it at her pocket..




When the day was over i saw a bunch of people at ma locker so obviously i got scared...when i found out that by mistake the note fell and a boy picked it up and read it..i almost had a heart i decided to go to ma cousin's locker and left the books there.......they still got me...they asked ma friend if i liked the boy and crap....


Well the next day i didnt want 2 go to school but i had to one way or another i was gonna see him......well the class came and i didnt dare 2 look at him..... well he turned around from his seat and told me that he wasnt mad at i just said ok


Well then he started to hear lies about me and actually believed them


Now im in 9th grade and he stills hear liea about me and for my luck i had lunch wit him......1 day he came to my table and he said hi to all ma friends except me.....well i obviously got mad and sad at the same time.....then when i met his eyes he told me somethin very cruel.....he told me " u r such a liar.....u told me stuff that accordin 2 u were true and ur cousin told me they werent".... i wanted to die...i was like " wat the heck is he talkin about"?


Then he started callin me a B**** and a H** i got mad at him the next day cause he called me a B**** again i told him " stupid wat is ur problem?.....if it was 4 me u would be dead by now...  obviously i didnt mena it....i felt bad but i didnt kno wat to say....

then he send a message wit ma friend tellin me that he was gonna ask me out but he backed up because i told him to die....i was like o-k


Now is about 2 be 3 years likin hiim and i  cant forget about him for some reason....all i kno is that 1 day i will forget about him



Oh and by the way im only 14 years old about 2 be 15


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