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      Your still young


there once was a boy i gave my heart to

he showered me with all the world could offer

and.... i fell in love

everything felt as right as it could ever feel

my world felt perfect, as long as he was in it

years went by, and we over came so many obstacles together, 

when life was against me he was there to help me pull through

when i didn't have the strength to make it through

he was there to pick me up

which made our love grow stronger then ever


i went away to a training course in the army for just over a month.

it felt like a life time but i eventually made it through and achieved excellence in all rounds but still,

eager to see my baby boy my world felt incomplete until the moment i ran into his arms.Once again my life felt indestructible.

that night as we were laying in bed, he says to me

"baby i want to tell you how i feel

but i don't know how

listen to the lyrics of the this song

it says it all......."

(starts fiddling with the radio...

Chris Brown - 'Say Goodbye')

for those who don't know the song, 

Its Not something you want your man to dedicate to you


not knowing what to expect i thought to myself

'this is such i sweet suprise, i love you from the middle of my heart'

as i was laying there in his arms

and the words were being sung from the radio

slowly my smile felt weak

my hear started skipping beats

my mouth could not speak

and yet i had so much to say

and in that split second i just felt my world come tumbling down on me

that was the last time we spoke


couple of weeks went by and my life just hit rock bottom

his life seem to keep climbing up the ladder to success

life seemed pointless and i was ready to give up on

it i just felt so alone, like no one understood me

but then i found the courage to at least try and better myself

i had my family with me to help me through as well

so, i decided to moved away cos being in his presence was not helping at all, that was the easy part,

i found a way to make it easier on myself which was to feel hatred towards him and that's how it stay till a few days ago


its been just over a year since this hapend and i believe i have let go now,

we still haven't spoken but i hear he is doing well,

and i can truly say im pleased to hear it too

yet every now and then my minds tends to drift off down memory lane.

as for myself

im just bizi being young and making the most of it

as for the broken heart, its will defiantly be scard for life


all though i feel we will never get back together again

one things for sure

there will always be a special place for him in my heat

for he is my very first true love...


by the way, i bet you would have never guessed im only 19

there's plenty of time to fall in love girls

don't feel rushed to find it either

if its meant to be it'l find you


till that time.....

live life while your young


really i just wanted to share my story with the world







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