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      What is true love?



I'm a senior in high school and for the past year i have been dating this guy on and off. He is taller than me 5'8 or 10 .He's Hispanic I'm white so  my parents have always hated him and never wanted me with him. At first i didn't think i liked hi m and a month went by and i realize i was head over heels. At first it was tough because we had to sneak around my parents and then once summer began and we couldn't see each other at school i had to tell them. At first they were disappointed and didn't want him over but they got used to it. It was bliss full the whole summer until the night before we were supposed to go to home coming he total my brand new 2007 car. He flipped it four times and walked away with out a scratch. My parents have forbid en us to speak let alone see each other and we don't go to the same school any more. Now its been 3 months or so and we don't talk. I have boy friend i don't even like I'm just doing it to try and get over him but what I've realized is i can. I can't let my self love any one else because i m not over him at all. He has a girl friend to but he still asks my friends about  me and i get random calls from other peoples numbers. He is a good guy, smart, do sent do drugs or drink. Now Ive got a semester left of school and will be leaving in may to go to live with my aunt 2 house away. I don't know if i should try to stay with him or forget him all together. I feel he is the love of my life and i don't want to spend the rest of it unhappy my question is what really is true love and how do i know if I've really found it?


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