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      He Is The Only One For Me, My FAHMI


I've met the man of my dreams not too long ago. It was about 2weeks after my fourth broke up. I was on friendster adding up guys to get to know. Fahmi was one of the three that i added.

I sent him a private message asking if he mind that i had added him and he replied that he wasn't. He told me to add him up in msn as well. Of course, I did that.

The first time we chatted began with me saying to him that i had already deleted my friendster account so if there is anything he could just msn or email me. Our conversation lasted longer than I had expected. We chatted for almost an hour and I already felt something different tingling inside my stomach. I declared to myself, Iím now having a crush on him.

Since he was in National Service, we could only chat on weekends. On the third week, I asked him to a movie but in a rather joking manner. I was caught by surprise when he said he would come along. My heart skipped a beat as I kept on reading the same phrase again.

On our first unofficial date, I went on msn once more to see if he is there. Yup, there he was. He later confessed to me on msn that he actually liked a girl but wished to get to know her more. I was upset that he had liked someone else but congratulated him sincerely.

We met up outside MacDonalds and when I saw him for the first time, I was really shy that I barely said a word. He kept on talking and the mood was great. By then I was confident that I liked everything about him. His way of talking, his teasing, his admirable smile, his big brown eyes, his cute laughter, I could just go on and on talking about him.

Although he didnít make any wild move but during the movie, he did something that made me confident that I was the person he had fell for. He kissed my hand and held me close to him. Oh yes, I was blushing red at that time. Whispering in his ears I said,Ē I think I know who she isĒ. I was right.

And from there, our love for each other became so strong that Iím sure we are a match made in heaven. We are having the time of our lives together. Every date was special to me. Every kiss was as sweet as honey and blazing as fire, I could hardly describe that sensation. He is the most romantic lover I have ever met. He never fails to amaze me and keep that love burning every time. There is something special about him that makes me want to love him much more than yesterday.

Even though it has only going to five months that we got together, I have loved him more than anyone could ever imagine. God willing, he will be my future. He is my dearest, my bear, my darling, my everything, my FAHMI.†

In Love With Him,



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