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you knw being a girl in all we all want a realtionship with

a boy but sometimes we got to be careful sometimes,

it's just not the right person we choose. i would know

i have such a bad influence even my friends don't

want to take my advice! on anything. but i know now

not to just go run along with some cute guy i just met.



there's this boy i am really falling for.

we have just about everything in common.

i want to be with him i like him alot. he is

just such a great person. well i know i can't be

with him even if he wanted to be with me no one

wants us to be together. i don't know why but

it hurts me it makes me cry every night before

i go to bed. it makes my heart ache when i get up

in the morning! but here check this out i am gonna

give a few pointers on stuff u should do before you

get into a relationship with someone you like!


1) get to know them, see if you have anything in common

if not might not be so good for your future relationship with them.


2) be friends first you don't just want some complete stranger..

if you do oky that's your problem.


3) date before you call it a serious relationship.


4) don't move to fast in your relationship, might not do so good in the future.


5) give me some pointers because i know i am not the best advisor.


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