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      Looking on the bright side...


     Too often we fall in love over and over again not realizing that the one person you wouldn't think would hurt you eventually will. We get our hearts broken more than once and it becomes harder every time. You would think we would learn but we keep going back because of one thing, Love.

     It is a great feeling to fall in love. Most will have been in love once in their lifetime, some, maybe even more. You cant seem to get the person out of your mind, your heart pounding fast when you are around them, you just want to hold them close and never let go, you want to spend every waking moment with them, you send cute love messages to each other and the way they look into your eyes makes your heart melt. What greater a feeling than knowing the one person laying, walking, standing or sitting beside you is your true love.

     All that can be shattered with a broken heart. I have experienced it as well as everyone else. The worst feeling anyone can feel is a broken heart in which pain is drawn with it. Just knowing they meant everything to you and you meant nothing to them leaves tears falling down my face. As I once read,"having the love of your life break up with you and say 'we can still be friends' is like your dog dying and your mom saying you can still keep it." Even though pain comes from heartache I can't help but feel I am lucky.

     There are some people who have never known what it is like to love. Even though I feel the loss of love, I'm happy it happened. I have the memories and the feelings of what it was like to go with it. I wouldn't be the strong, independent woman I am today if it wasn't for the heartache my ex's have caused me. I thank them for letting me become a part of their lives, even for the moment, and feel as well as express the love I had for them. It was not easy, and I had lonely nights of crying myself to sleep, but eventually I became content and accepted the status of being single. I'm still young and I know someday that God will send me my true love who won't let me feel an ounce of a broken heart but until then I keep busy doing things that I have been wanting to do with the free time I have.

    Everything happens for a reason. Stay strong because you are not alone. Someone somewhere always has it worse than you



-Phenomenal Woman



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