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      Love sometimes hurts but give it time it can happen again!


My names Ashley, and Im 15...Im not giving you much more cept fot the fact I fail in love at age 14 with a boy named Thomas...He was my everything but see theres a catch Im a foster child and sometimes that can SO feel like Im "OVER" protected...welp with this boy I was, he was 16, welp now im 15, and hes 18...I meet him at the dollar movies in Munice IN...and the day I meet him, I got this feeling that I could never explain in words...ONLY in love....I got seperated from a family and during the 2 1/2 years I have knowen him we got back together, and were able to make it work for about 7 months...He tock many things from me...

my 1st kiss

my 1st("actual") boyfriend

my virginity

my 1st date

My 1st Love

Thomas and I grew up, we went our different ways...

and I know you here that ALL the time in Love stories

but this isnt a love story

its the story of my life...

the boi i think about

"day & night"

he ment the world to me, and theres nothing that can ever change that...I held on for a LONG time, but a couple of weeks ago I let go


I let go of his love he offered and sometimes gave

but not our mmemenories

I let go uz it hurt me

it was making me an """EmOtIoNaL rOlLeRcOaStEr"""

but also I moved ":AGAIN"

and I found another boy

theres SO much to tell about him, but so much to love and to hang on to

Ive knowen him about ALMOST 2 months

and let me tell you I fallen VERY fast...

maybe to fast

but I feel the same way I did with Thomas



he cares

hes a filt though

but he has his props

so if all you plp out there have been through love, and heartbreak

I have to

and I know Im only 15

but if ya- wanna taker some advice forom a 15 year old grl, livin a naormal...maybe hard life




never give up

theres someone out there for you...

trust me



all  you need o do is...





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