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      You never know what you`ve got till it`s gone


A year ago our son pretty much had a nervous break down. He had to be put into recovery, lord that was the hardest day of my life. To leave my son behind at a rehabilitation hospital. My marriage was not any better, we had a year of cancer with my husband.. It was a very rough time in our life.

Our life fell apart, he worked longer hours and I fell completely apart. I found someone to listen to my woes and unfortunately it evolved into much more in no time at all. It was one of the worst mistakes I have ever made. My husband turned to alcohol as an escape. That made our life even worse. Well we ended up in divorce court and it is over and done with. Our son is home with me now doing better somewhat, other than the every day hyper activity. But I still love my husband, well ex husband now and I cant seem to find it in me to let go, even though I know I should. He has moved on with his life, even moved his girlfriend in with him. I wish him the best but I still wish I could turn back time and correct all of our mistakes.

Life has finally slowed down, and now I see the mistakes on both our parts, but it is to late. So for anyone who reads this, remember hardship should make you draw on each other for support no matter how bad it is. Otherwise life may pass right thru your hands and you will not know it until it is too late.


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