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      The day I started to fall


     My mom always told me not to fall in love when I'm still studying but i was so eager to try it because of the curiosity of what is felt when you have a boyfriend.

     It all started when im in college and taking up nursing, I tried all the things whom i not tried when i was in high school like drinking alcohol and smoking but in the end,I've quited all this but one thing that i did not want to quit is to be loved by someone whom i really like and this how the story goes........

     We all started as texmates and after 6 months of courtship we became lovers. At first everything went smooth sailing and i really felt so good knowing that someone loves me but as time goes by all this good things happened to me turned out to be bad.I felt my world turns upside down knowing the man i love is in others arms and i felt so sad that everyday i woke up in the morning it becomes bluer than blue and the only thing to do is to surrender and cry and at the end i realized that if only i listened to my mom's advice then i might not be so sad as what i am suffering at my "broken heart  days" of my life.

      Now, I realized that you when your still studying, you must first prioritize the things that is important like your studies, dreams and ambitions because in the end,yourself will all benefit this.

      Even tough I got hurt and love made me cry there's one thing that will always bear in my mind and that is to wait n the lover's bait.....    







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