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      Goodbye My Love (to Rick)


Yes Rick This is Mary


You did it to me yet again you made me a fool.

I said I wasn't Mad I lied I am pissed and I want the whole world to know Mary is not putting up with your excuses anymore you say one thing and mean another good grief grow up already. Lets get one thing clear this has to do with you not being a man and being straight with me and I do understand how a child can capture your heart  and that has nothing to do with what you allowed me to believe. I will not be the woman waiting for you anymore and I will not be the woman you chat to anymore after you read this I will not ever exist again in your company at any given time.

There is only so much a person can take Rick and you took and took by giving me false hope so many times that it turned cruel.


I don't Love you anymore and I mean this from the bottom of my heart how can I love someone that plays games with me over and over.


Your right I deserve better because I am a Good genuine Woman with a Good heart  that needs a Real Man that will give me support and believe in me and trust in me for my actions as I would do the same for him. I thought that was you once upon a time but I guess that's only in Fairy tales...


Goodbye Rick I do hope you finally find her and really for real figure out what Love really means.  I don't think you Loved me nor do I believe you know what Love is to me nor will you ever find out because I won't be there waiting this time around.


Its not so Bad being single I think I will make the Most of it....


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