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      My love, My life


I met a boy in high school.  He could walk up to me and make my toes curl.  My heart would start pounding if he was within twenty feet of me.  I would start sweating, get all tingly inside and feel my heart swell to twice it's size.  He meant something to me back then.  He would meet me at lunch, we would sneak off to kiss or make out in the hall steps!  Never did he let me take it too far.  He respected me too much.  Little did he know I was falling for him, head over heels in love was what I was!  He graduated one year before me.  I lost contact with him for about a year.  I never stopped thinking of him...dreaming of him...wishing I could be near him.


About a year after he graduated, I visited a church in Cool Valley, MO.  He happened to go there, unknown to me at the time!  I walked into the gym there and it was love all over again.  I couldn't keep my eyes off of him playing basketball in the gym and we started our friendship which has not ended since.  I started to call him every chance I got, he started to take me out every chance he got.  I would go to every game he performed in faithfully, he attended all of my Marching Auxillaries games he could attend too.  Slowly, we started to realize how special our friendship was.  One day I went over to his house in the morning after he got off of 3rd shift, and he slowly made love to me. 


I have been calling, meeting and seeing this man for a little over 10 years since that date.  He let me marry someone else, he had asked me to be with him but I had told him no in high school, for different reasons, one being scared of my feelings for him.  I had never felt anything so strong before, it scared me.  Once I let him go in high school, he felt he could never ask me again.  He thought he would be turned down.  Each time we talked, met up and declared our love for each other our bond grew stronger.  To this day I still meet up with this man.  He has children, I have children and we both have significant others.  Through all these years we have finally decided that we are going to stop putting each other through this pain.  Stop hiding from our friends and spouses.  After 10 years I finally get to be with the man I love.  I can't wait.  I am sorry to all I hurt or he hurts, but I have been hurting and hiding for 10 years now and I am so grateful to finally get my chance at True Love.  I love you Stinky.  Love, RayRay


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