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      First Love


My husband and I have been married 20 years , we have been through some very rough situations in our time together. He has always been quite the ladies man.

The day we decided we move in together , he didn't come home. I should have realized then what I was getting into then. But i didn't , I stayed. Monday thru Thursday he was great but then as soon as the weekend came I never saw him till Sunday night. I always begged him to stop the cheating but he never seemed to care.

 Our kids were in all sports , we looked like the perfect family on the outside but on the inside it was a all a joke. We seperated finally , I asked him to move out I couldn't do it anymore. So he did he had moved in with his girlfriend. Little by little he realized it wasn't as good as he thought it was gonna be. So he started spending the night , what can I say I loved him. The day after Thanksgiving he went in to work my daughter was really sick that day. I remember messaging him , no response.. I heard somebody knocking on the door and it was one of his co workers telling me he had been hurt and was being airlifted as we speak.

He was broken up pretty bad. He has broken both legs , both shoulders, right hand was crushed , fractured skull , broken ribs and punctured lung. I left our kids behind to care for him. He had major surgery twice in two days. I finally made it home to shower when the phone rang , it was our friend the jeweler saying he had some earrings special made and were ready. I knew they were nor for me.

I remember calling my grandmother asking her what I should do. My mind was telling me not to go back to the hospital , but my heart said to go. SHe said we as woman always have do the unsaid and swallow our pride and always do the right thing. Which was to take care of my husband , and that is what I did. It took him a year to walk , he was in a wheelchair. I quit my job to care for him. Then he had 13 surgeries on his hand , 6 on his leg. It would go on that for sometime.

I remember being in the hospital and my mom pulling me to the side and saying , he needs you now but he will never change. Once he is better he will cheat again. I couldn't believe she could have uttered those words to me at a time like this.

Once he was better to where he could drive , I decided to get back to work. Well months later I suspected again he was cheating.After he told me I was his rock and without me he was nothing. I hooked up a phone recorder my boss bought that is voice activated. The first day I hooked it up , I caught him talking to his first love.There is nothing worse than to hear your spouse's actual conversation with there lover.

All I hear in my head were my mother's words that day in the hospital. And what hurt the most was that she was right.In the end I filed for divorce , i

realized even after all I had done was not enough for him to stop. We talked and went to counseling , this was ten years ago.And it saved our marriage in the end. We just hit our 20th wedding anniversary. We are happy and very much in love.

He finally realized that he does love me and I wasn't to be taken for granted anymore.We didn't do it for the kids because they are grown now. We did it for us. God Bless Us..


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