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      The greatest love is right under your nose.


"I'm moving in June", I told a friend that I had met only that year while we sat at the beach and watched the people walk by. Given the circumstances, I had an infatuation and decided to embark on a journey of curiosity as to what was really love?

"Oh, that's great," he replied with a lingering awkward silence after he spoke. 

"You'll come and visit won't you? " 

"Ummm, yeah sure I will" he looked up and nodded politely. 


Six months later the move was not what I had anticipated, I felt alone, and after the infatuation I had turned to dust there was no one to turn to. I had recently caught news of my friends brother of 14 years being diagnosed with cancer. The news came two days before Christmas. We kept in contact frequently, mainly online for any updates or news on his brother's cancer and the chemotherapy he was undertaking. The long working days were consumed with worry, and although after a lonely, volatile disarray which could barley be defined as a relationship, the friend who confided in me, I could not bear to confide in him, given his delicate situation.


Days turned into weeks, and as our communication grew stronger and more frequent through out the day, we exhausted all resources to remain in contact.


"If I was still there I would have given us a go" a sheepish text I sent to this friend after finally listening to the call of my heart. I missed him. I missed my friend and his undivided attention and company.


"I love you, I have always loved you. When you left, it broke my heart. I asked for advice from my family, I wanted to tell you, but they advised against it. You were with another. So I waited" a reply which prompted the screen of my lap top later that night after work. "I grasped the fact that if it was meant to be, it was going to be."


Completely bewildered it made sense, this friend, this man, cared about me enough to wait and take a chance. The feeling was not infatuation but love..


Three months later and I moved back down to be with him. His brother recovered from his bout of cancer and the love and admiration grew stronger for one another.


I was lucky to have a friend, a best friend as well as a lover. A love which was right under my nose.



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