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      My life as a Transgender MtF


     I was born  a "male" in March of 1948. I grew up in the  ' 50s'.

In those days you were either male or female . There was no distinction between how one felt in their inner being or what they were physically. If you were a "boy " like I was , you were taught  to dress and express yourself in that way. It was the same for "girls".

   Back then,we didn't have the words transgender or transsexual.

So we were supposed to be  what we were physically born with.,

 The word transvestite was there, but that had a connotation of being abnormal, or perverted.Even then homosexuals weren' t  called " normal " .Any one that was out of the "norm" was considered perverted. So consequently, I had to hide my inner feelings of being feminine.

  I consistenly made sure that if I displayed anything that people would consider me effeminate (mostly guys, females seem to have no problem with this) ,I would change.the behaviour so that I wouldn't betray my true self. I have lived with this all of my life.

    Finally through therapy I can say, " I am as free as a bird now.....and you know I won't change!"    You all know this is from Lynyrd Skynyrd.    I Finally feel free!!!




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