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      So their was this boy and this girl....


So I fell in love with this boy and we have been dating on and off for the past year. And this time we have been together for 4 months straight. And well so i went to visit my dad for the thanksgiving holiday. And when i was getting ready to go back home my mom called and told me that she dosent want me thier anymore. My boyfriend and i cried for days and i still cry all the time but we decided to still be together and just have a long distance relationship and that went well for about 2 weeks. Then i get a call from my best friend that still lives where my mom lives and she tells me that she was talking to my boyfriend and he told her that he wants a "fuck buddie" and he cant handle it without sex. and when i asked him about it he denied it and well i said ok and i believed him because it hurt me to much and i didnt want to believe it! but then at the end ov our conversation he told me that he didnt want to be with me any more so i told him ok and that i wanted what was and is best for him and if he thinks thinks that doing that is best then ok. and when i was about to hang up he started to cry and told me the only reason he just broke up with me is because he thought that i was going to break up with him. and so we decided to go back out. and that just happened last night. and today i wonder if he really truthfully loves me as much as he says he does cause he is my world and i love him with all my heart and i never want anything more on life then him. so girls dont be fooled! and i am going to find out soon if i am being fooled! but i hope not cause i love the guy!!!!!!! 



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