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      A happy couple?


I was in 24th year old when I met this guy. His name is al, the first time i saw him I never had any feelings for him and it was on the night of november 1 when my friend introduce him to me at the cemetery. I never talk to him even if he ask me a lot questions because I dont like him until the group decided to go home.

In december 5, I received a text message from unidentified person then I replied asking if who it was. He replied and again ask a lot of questions, that time i am broken hearted because I broke up with my boyfriend thats why I entertained him.

A long courtship been overed when I accept his love. We are a very happy couple everytime we were together, we never waste our time we always make sure that we are happy.

After a year we decided to get married and now we have a one little cute daughter. After six months of giving birth, we encountered problems. He met a girl named rose they because lovers for six months that went us to everyday arguements of going home late night. Rose is a nice girl after we had talked , she asked my husband to be a good husband and stay away from her. They broke up, but my husband look for another girl, and it was cathy. He left us for this girl, and after two months he got home asking for forgiveness and promise not to do that again. I accept him for the sake of our daughter.

After this forgiveness, we become a happy family... We always go out with our daughter in sunday (non working day) and we look like a very happy family.

But again, the new trial comes our way when he met Gel, a promo girl under his supervision. Because of this girl he always came home in the middle of the night and sometimes did not go home at all. It was always like that, i talked to him what his plan now.. He denied about this girl and still insisting that he loves us.

But after a week, he never go home and we never received any text from him. He forgot about us. He forgot that he has a loving family that loves him very much.


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