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      I'm hurt when he has somebody else..


i remember the day..when i met him..!!!he was my friend..and i don't have feelings for him..that moment..we've meet because of my classmate...

my classmate introduced him to me..and introduced me to him..that day we became friends...

i remember the day when i was making favor for him... to draw me my favorite cartoon character...

because he is a nice artist..who loves to draw..


and these past days..i felt that i was being in love with him.

but i can't tell him because I'm afraid..that maybe our friendship will be broken..!!!

so..i kept my feelings for the days pass admiration to him..became bigger...!!!


and then there was a time when my classmates teased me that i have been falling in love with him..

and i was very shy saw him smiling in front of me...i didn't know that he already heard that i have been falling in love with him...

and so that day i keep on not thinking of him.....!!

and now were shy with each other.but it huts because he has been in love with somebody else...and I've been  hurt that day...


i don't know if he likes me or not!!!i'm not sure..!!!what will i do to make him noticed me..and have a little admiration for me..!!


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