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      Soul Crusher


i have just lost my girlfriend to my selfishness and total dependency on her and now all i can do is cry and feel sorry for myself i know i can get over her but i can never forget her i just want her back but i don't know if its gone too far, it must of been at the end of march this year that we realised she was carrying my baby and i was so overjoyed but it didn't take long for it to all come crashing back to reality and she says "we cant do it Luke we can't afford it...." as you can imagine i was distraught and yeah fair enough i helped her afterwards but it didn't take long for me to loose the plot and go off the rails but we worked past that and we were fine for a short while but then it came to the arguments and we tried break after break but it was only a quick fix and fucked us both up and now it come to the point were shes telling me she cant do it anymore but then she says i need time to heal and then we can talk so as you can imagine again I'M IN TURMOIL! but i love her so much that I'm willing to sacrifice my happiness to wait for that tiny bit of hope but its the waiting part that i can't stand because I'm impatient but i've now come to realise that that's been my problem all along but now its come too far but still i hope and live in limbo because I'm so love sick that she is worth all that heart ache and i just hope she will eventually see it and want to start a fresh and if in a month or 2 or 3 or maybe even 4 I'm willing to wait because i know she wants this too she just needs her time to heal and i do too i just know its gonna work out in the end......


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