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      Me, In Love!


Who would ever think, I could fall in love. I remember watching movies and reading books about it but never imagined it could really happen to me.


He was my best friend. I really didn't notice him, but only to be a good friend. I didn't realize how much he loved me, he never showed or mentioned any thing to me. I use to call him everyday just talking about how crazy I was to be with this one guy I was dating and couldn't get over.


Any ways, we stopped talking, I don't remember if we just lost contact. One day I befriended a girl named Andrea, she dated a guy who was friends with the love of my life now. They knew how he felt about me and tried to put us together. We dated, but it didn't work out. We saw each other here and there.


I remember seeing him in the hall on my first day of high school. Of course I was dating. I don't know why but he came up to me during lunch and just starting talking to me. We exchanged numbers and were friends again.


As we starting talking over the phone I started to feel something that I never felt. We would talk for hours about just stupid things that didn't even make any sense.


I fell in love! I couldn't tell him because I was dating someone. I went to my boyfriend and told him that i fell in love for the first time and it's someone else. We talked and went our separate ways. I went to the person who made me fall in love and told him.


It was beautiful, he just looked at me and held me close.  Now telling my mom about me ever having a boyfriend that was a different story.


Well, it's been 7 years and we are still together and in love more than ever, we're not  married, or have any children. Its crazy I wish i could explained that one night of our first I Love You.


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