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      Couldn't be better for me.. ^_^


I've thought I've bin in love even sometimes before but now I know - I was wrong all these times. Cause love is what I'm going through right now..

It started in september. We started to sing in one choir. I had never seen him before, but since the first time we met, I knew, he's the one.

We went on just as choir-mates and nothing else for 3 months.. I was just tired of pretending - there's nothing in me for him.

And then came the ending of nowember. One little great journey where we did nothing but just talking about things we cared. Cause of that, I started to know him better and with every word that came out of his mouth I loved him even more and more...

There was nothing between us till the bus started to drive to home for some 4 hours, when we got off the ship. He layed his head on my legs and wanted to sleep. I was tired too... But the feeling - you know, -> he's here, with me,... [^_^]  I thought, I couldn't be more lucky as I was, but I was wrong...

A bit after, my hand just brushed his hair even if I didnt wanted to let it happen. There was nothing I could do about my feelings... I didnt have to wait long, when he turned on me and looked in my eyes... It was dark outside so it was difficult to see him, but I saw his eyes shining and his lips kindly smiling... This was the minute that makes a reason to live.

It didn't take long till I kissed him... After that - he kissed me...

The first kiss was a bit shy and uncomfortable - after all, we knew each other a bit before, so it was a bit harder than to make out with a stranger, but soon this became the evening I'm still high for.

Next day there was some messages on my phone and posts in skype... :)

Right now, I'm not sure anyone could be more lucky than I am...


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