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      How did we get here??


So today would have been my two year anniversary with my best friend .. we met when we were 12 .. he was the popular one who dated everygirl that was remotely hot and i was the cool unpopular one at our church .. every girl crushed on him and of course i did too .. but i was always like no way will he like me so i forgot about it .. well to make a long story short we ended up being best friends all the way through middle school and high school until he "Confessed his undying love for me". He told me that he liked me all along and i told him the feeling was returned. We dated for an amazing year and a few months.. we did everything together .. we lived in seperate times so we would get to spend the whole weekend together everyweekend .. we never seemed to get sick of each other .. then after our year anniversary idk what happend and it all went down hill .. we started fighting all of the time and he broke up with me one night right before valentines day but we ended up making up that night and that valentines day he just looked and stared at me all night saying i cant believe i almost let you go .. well ever since that night it had become to hard for me to handle .. i was constantly having to make sure he wouldnt want to leave me again .. so eventually i had had enough and i broke up with him .. i regretted it but he didnt so he moved on .. well we didnt talk for a few months then we met back up at a church conference and fell back in love .. he had messed up big time by lying to me about drinking but i loved him so much that i forgave him he is human and i have messed up before so i looked past that .. well i was leaving for a four month missions trip soon after he "Confessed his undying love for me" AGAIN .. so we didnt want to make things official till i came back .. but we still couldnt hold back our feelings from each other physically and emotionally .. so a little over a month before i left i asked him

"What happens if you find someone else while im gone"

He said"what if i do?"

I said"im being serious"

And he said"i couldnt .. i have already found the on God intends me to be with"

we just laughed and he put his arms around me and held me..

Well the next week i went up to see him and i spent the night .. and right before i left he came in and hugged me and kissed me and said i will call you later today ..

well i didnt hear from him for two weeks and by that time i was two weeks away from leaving .. then out of no where i got an text message saying check your email so i did .. only to find an email that had said "i have found someone else" wow my world just fell apart .. we ended up not talking until the night before i left we just caught up with each other and said our goodbyes ..

Today would have been our two year anniversary .. this anniversary i was suppose to get a promise ring from him .. and today is the day i found out he has a new girl friend ..

a year from last december fourth i would have never thought that i would be sitting in London, not dating him anymore, looking at his profile only to find he has a new girl friend.. interesting where life takes you huh??


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