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      Still waiting


It was my third job when I met him. He was cute,charming and oozing of sex appeal but unfortunately at that time I was broken hearted of my first boyfriend for six years that's why i don't mind him. As day passed we chat, talked about nonsense things, laugh, eat and etc. Until one morning I woke up thinking of him and I smiled and then later on I found out  that I fall in loved with him.


One day I, him and my friend in the office chatting about the increasing rate of bi- sexual in the Philippines then without no were he said I am a bi- sexual, of course first reaction I was shocked. The past few days I am imagining things that we were together and then later on I found out hes a bi sexual but then I did not  react it just casual, I said "really your a bi"? and we talked about his past relationship with a man but deep inside of me I was hurting because I fall in loved to him.


Then It was our Manager daughter christening, we went to their house eat drink and because I am thinking about his status I drink a lot then I got drunk. He was caring he makes me comfortable and then I was carried away I kissed him and he replied on me then after a few hours he went home and told me to stay to our manager house because its late and I did. The other day in the office I saw him then we pretend nothing happen.


A month later I got an offer  from other company so I resigned but we still have communication. One night I and our friend decided to go in bar and of course he joined. When we are in the bar we drink and the he sat next to me then kiss me and because I still love him even if his a bi-sexual I accepted his kiss. After a bar hang out we check-in in the hotel then something happen to us and when we woke up he just smiled and said your important to me then I kissed him.


As day passed he said I love you and I am so happy but still there's something bothered me because he had a lover and his staying with him. Were still together but there is no commitment and I am still waiting for him to say that hes a straight guy and hoping he will change his belief because I know he wants to have family maybe at this moment hes confuse but "I AM WAITING FOR HIM" because I LOVE HIM.


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