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      What happened to love?


This is a story about a little girl who loved her Daddy very much and her Daddy loved her too. Then her Daddy went overseas to work so he could send money home and his family could live better.

Over the years, the girl grew up and was very happy when her Daddy came once a year and brought her many gifts and presents. Then, as the years went by her father changed. He stopped calling her, writing to her and came rarely and didn't even bring gifts for his girl when he came on her marriage day.

The Father has changed and his little girl is now a grown up, 22, married and working. But she often thinks about what went wrong with her Daddy and why he has changed so much.

The girl still loves her Daddy very much and keeps calling him and writing to him. But her Daddy ignores her and her family too. The girl often wonders what happened to love, who hid it from her and where does she have to go to find it again.

That girl is me.


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