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      I love him before, but now.. i'm not sure!


He was my third boyfriend, but my first love. We met in school when i was still in college,we had lots of common friends. After a month of courting,he became my boyfriend, our relationship lasted for 1 year and a month. During those times,he was my life,my world revolves onto him. All those memories both good or bad are unforgettable ones and worthy to be treasured forever. Like the lyrics of the song "..because of you my life has change, thank you for the love an the joy you bring,because of you i feel no shame i tell the world it's because of you..",yes!he really change my life. And one day, i'd receive a text from him saying that he didn't love me anymore. I was hurt,I feel that the whole world was falling onto me. I had lots of question in my mind,the more it hurts coz even him, he can't answer all my "WHY's". I felt I was alone,I want to commit suicide,I want to stop my studies,I don't want to continue my life for it was miserable. It's hard for me to move on because i saw him everyday in school with his new girl. His happy I can see it in his eyes,that's why I tried to be happy for him. Right after our graduation,I set up my mind to forget him, its been 2 years that i'm onto that situation. And when i've had the courage to move on,he came back with all his promises. Deep within me,honestly, I still love him, but lots of things had change. I didn't know him that much,lots of things happened to him for the past 2 years that we're apart and its hard for me to accept all those things. What should I do? Should I accept him again? im afraid to feel the hurt that i've felt before.. 


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