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      One True Love


Everyone has that one person they'll never get over. Never be able to forget. But love unconditionally until the time of death. Words won't describe him. Words cannot define him. Words will never be close to enough. Impossible is the word for trying to find the exact words to define every single perfection that God has given him. His love endures forever.

His heart is like the sun that will shine forever until death becomes present. His unfailing love won’t last temporarily… his love will last a lifetime. His love is like a rare diamond, a diamond that you’ve never seen before… but once you stumble upon that rare diamond… the right one for you… the one that will take your breath away… you automatically know that that diamond is and will be yours forever. You hold the beauty that that diamond holds deep inside close to your body. A perfection that you cannot behold. A rare beauty that is to only be left untold. His love shall not be heard about. A beautiful perfection that God has created only for me to know about. An angel that I cannot live without. Though I am only speechless half the time… though there are so much more to say about him… as much as I think… as much as I try… I just can’t define him... his love… everything. God sent an angel down to protect me, to love me when no one else can, to hold me when no ones will, to say the words “I Love You” and truly mean it from deep within. Some people say love ruins your whole life but for me…having him in my life is only the new beginning of a start of a brand new life long ever lasting journey that shall never end. Only the eyes of God will only be able to see through the imperfections that each of us have and turn it all into art.

He is my world, the air that I breathe. My one true love that I have been waiting for all of my life. God has truly blessed me with an amazing person. I cannot wait to be able to wake up every morning with him by my side. Jacob, I love you with all of my heart. Trust me with everything you have, with all of the strength that is deep inside of you. I promise that I will treat you with respect. I will be nothing but loyal to you. You are a wonderful person with a pure heart.

Do not let anyone tell you otherwise because I see you for who are. And you are my one true love.


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