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      Do wishes come true?


I met him 5 or 6 years ago, we were good friends for weeks and he was there during my first heartache. He courted me and eventually became my boyfriend before the month's over..we had the best time together. He was a real friend, and a real partner, so generous and loving, then it's time for him to leave..he went back to his place, leaving a promise that he will be back after a year or two, we still had our communication after he left though, our relationship was fine for the first three months, but still failed later..what was good about it was that, we were still friends and that we still communicated each other, (at least once, twice or thrice a month), i thought everything I have for him was over...i mean, the love i have for him, but I was wrong I had another 4-yr relationship with another guy after my relationship with him..and even though it was really serious, I can't still help thinking about the guy who left me five or six years ago, and even after my 1 year broke-up with that current ex-boyfriend I had, it's still the same guy who left me five or six years ago I was thinking of and even though I know I'm not anymore the girl he loves and long for, I still wish that one day, we'll meet again and be together again..and when that time comes, hope he'll not anymore leave.

do you think...wishes do come true?????


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