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      I did everything


We're together now for 2 straight years. His parents doesn't like me for their son for some reasons. they always shows that whenever im in their house, though it hurts me, my bf always make me feel so alright. He faught for me and so did i..

I made a lot of sacrifices in our relationship. Whenever we're arguing about something im always the one giving way and i just shut up even if i know he's wrong. When i try to correct him, he doesn't listen instead it makes the argument worst and mostly it leads to a fight.

He always hits me physically which i accepted. And verbally too. He always make a shame out of me which i accepted. He never wants me out with my friends which i followed.. HE never wanted me out of his sight which i did. Everytime he needs something i always find a way to give it to him. aLmost everyday of my life with him is a curse..

But i did it not because i love him Its because his brother used to be the one who courted me and loved me and his brother is the one i love. sO in order to see him im willing to give up everything i have, though i know its wrong but thats what love can do right.

we sneak behind mY bfs back, When we get busted he doesn't wanna break up instead he makes me his punching bag, his maid and everything. He knows i love his brother but still he doesnt wanna let go of me. And in order for us to be together i must do everything my bf says which i did.

im tired of everything. Why cant he fight for me? Why can't he do anything to get me out of the dark?..

iM tired thats why i decided to give it up.. i faught till i can but now im tired.. i Aint happy anymore. my body's the weakest already..

i did everything but obviously it wasnt enough


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