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      I can only hope


well, see, there's this one guy at skool. his name is kaleb. he is my best friend that i can tell all of my secrets to. he came to my skool a year ago in 6th grade and i didnt like him cuz of his face. i slowly got to kno him and we share a lotta things in common. its just, i relized that he is more mature than all the other guys and i really like him. i never get the chance to talk to him alone. i want to ask him out but so that my parents cant find out. i really like him. im just so afraid that we'll lose our friendship over the feelings i feel for him. hes so funny, not very strong, he loves art, like i do, and he is an animal lover like me. i dont want to be like the other girls at skool by asking him out by a note, i wanna do it traditionally. i can only hope i can tell him the way i feel.


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