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      My sweetest Romance


Everyone has that one person they'll never get over. The one person that they claim to be over, but never is that true. Well I already met my one person. His name is Alex. He's eighteen & I'm fifteen. [I'll get to that later] I met him my eighth grade year. I never spoke to him, because I was too nervous. My freshman year came around and I saw him the first day of school. He looked at me, smiled and instantly I felt something like no other. I didn't think he could possibly like me because we were so different, so I took no actions. That night, I went home and saw that he had sent me a friend request on myspace. My heart dropped. I accepted it of course. Then I sent him a message and we started talking. He told me he thought I was cute and that he had liked me but thought that I was too young so he never made a move. He asked me to our Homecoming but said he wanted to get to know me better before we actually started dating. We talked for a few days and then he asked me out. I was so excited that things were going so well. I saw him the next day at school and we held hands and everything. It seemed perfect for about a week. Then he broke up with me. He said we were too different and that he thought we were better as friends. I did something I never thought I'd do. I started slitting my wrists. For the next two months, we talked and grew very close. We became very good friends, but it still hurt to know that we weren't together anymore. After exactly 2 months I went to the last football game and asked him to go so we could hang out. It was very cold, and silly me I wore a skirt. He said he felt really bad that I was so cold so he took me to his jeep and and warmed up. I expected nothing to happen but then he told me he still liked me. He asked me if I liked him and I told him yes, I loved him. Then he asked "well then why aren't you kissing me?" I leaned in and kissed him. It was an amazing feeling. Actually it was the first time I ever kissed him. We hadn't kissed yet when we were together. We still werent dating though. He asked me to go to the movies with him the next day and then wed take it from there. I agreed. I woke up the next morning as happy as ever. I got ready and waited fro him to come. At the movies he was the sweetest he opened the door for me and everything. He kissed me a bunch too, that was a plus. Then we went to his house and started kissing and stuff, you know how it goes. Out of nowhere he told me he wanted to go back out with me. I was so flippin happy, I could have died. We dated for two weeks. Then he broke up with me again just a few days ago. I haven't given up yet, I'm gona work on getting him back.


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