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      The one i will never forget


Theres always the girl you think you'll last forever with or the one you never want to leave. well with in the past year i found her. it was november 20th of last year when i re-met her at a bar out with some friends, we talked over a few cigarettes outside and joked and thats the day i fell. i asked her out december 26th 2006 and begun the seemingly most perfect realationship of my life. we did everything together i took her to prom since i missed the chance to go to mine 2 years before, she showed me everything. took me to clubs which i never would have done before. i felt more comfortable in dress clothes because of her, i listen to her music and love it, i love her friends, i love the way her family teated me as if i was a part. everything about this girl makes me shiver, the feel of her lips, the sound of her voice everything. around our 2 month mark she told me she had a stomach problem but was to embarassed to explain and much to my suprise we both have the same stomach problem, like everything we did we bonded. around 6 months she left for greece for 35 days, we broke up before she left. i went to business depot and bought a nice hard cover journal and wrote in it everyday that she was away. i put song lyrics that reminded me of her, her favourite number is 4 so on one page i wrote 104 reasons why i love her, on another i simply wrote i love you 104 times and put a hidden message in it vertically. there were pictures and everything i wanted to make her understand how much i loved her and tried everyway possible to get her back... it worked we were perfect since with only 1 fight a month ago and lately things just haven't been right she re-assures me she loves me but the other day i figured i needed to talk to her about it, i muscled up the courage to do it and went prepared for an ending... sure enough she told me she didn't want to leave and was going to wait longer before she said anything but i told her that her happiness means more to me than mine and basically let her go, i feel better than the other break up cause theres no anger and i can still talk to her. but this one girl, julia marinelli, has worked wonders on my mind. shes the kind of girl that no matter how long i spend away from her my heart won't change. i can't say for sure no one will ever have this effect on me but for as long as i can imagine she will be the one. and hopefully one day there'll be some hope because i won't be able to let go of the memories i've lived through with her, the first times, her family and friends, her surroundings her interests. every aspect about her soon became one of my own. she'll always make me smile no matter how long we're with out eachother... <3-12/26/06 -- 11/25/07-<3


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