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      Wait for him


"when i was 7th i met a boy john and we fell in love all through high school then in 10th grade i had to move across the country it broke our hearts we promised that we would wait for each other 2 years went by and we talked very little but i still kept my promise i went to visit my old town and all my friends were at this party so i went and i saw him i was so happy until i saw the girl with him then he looked and saw me his eyes lit up and he walked over i started to cry and his new girlfriend was so beautiful he said hello and the girl came over and look at us and him right in front of me i ran off and started crying. later he came over and said it was a new relationship the first he had had in 2 years i just said i waited for you and then i said that wont be any more. 5 years later i got engaged to a well suited man i did not love him like i loved john but i still cared for him. i sent out invitations to everyone even to john. but in johns i put a little note it said "john i some what think you should come to my wedding he really is a nice guy and i wish you to meet him" when the wedding started i looked around no john then i thought it was for the best there was only 2 hours before it actually started but  every one was already there for lunch i went to go get ready a n one of the waiters said there was a man asking to see the bride. i felt a tap on my back and i turned it was john he told me that he never forgave himself form that night and i tried to ignore him but he said he had not kissed another girl but me i just stood there with tear filled eyes then he said im not the one who gave up then i said i had not spent one night thinking of him he kissed me and we quickly got out of there and we got married and we've been married for 38 years now and still in love as we were in 7th grade


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