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      My First Love




It has been ten years and I still feel the same love for you as I did then.  I finally asked myself why you still move me after all this time.  


- You always made me feel accepted and loved.

- I trusted you with my innermost thoughts and secrets.

- You were my best friend

- You always smiled at me and made me feel wanted.

- You said things to me that only I would understand.

- You let me be me.

- You let me love you the only way I knew how.

- You asked my permission before you kissed me for the first time.

- You listened to me and I listened to you.

- You respected me and I respected you.

- You accepted my whole heart when I gave it to you.

- You let music move you the way it moved me - we spoke through it. 

- All the little things we shared were all the different pieces that made up one beautiful whole.

- You balanced my life out because we were balanced.


I miss you John.  You are the love of my life.  Some people are lucky enough to hold on to their first love because they fought long and hard to make it work.  I regret not having that strength and wish I could turn back the clock.




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