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      The one who caught my heart


He was perfect. He was gorgeous, strong and sweet. He was outgoing and he was always happy and never put anyone down.

I didn't know him at first but somehow he caught my eye. I couldn't like him because my best friend had already called dibs on him but I couldn't help it.

One day he hugged me and I fell for him. He smelled so good and his hug was warm and the kind of hug that makes a girl fall head over heels. He had told my friend that they shouldn't be together because they were to good friends and she was ok with that, but she still loved him.

When she got a boyfriend I knew I had my chance, but I was too shy to tell her cause I knew even then she liked him. Finally my chance came when his friend told me that he had liked me.

I told my friend and she was happy for me. So now we are going out; the out-there popular guy and the shy semi-popular girl. And know that I look back on the day I meet him, I know that he didn't just catch my eye, he caught my heart.

,anamcara <3


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