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      Was it not meant to be?


I've met him a year ago and we both fell in love with each other... I found in him all that I have ever wished for and felt his love and care for me like I have never felt before. But my father disagrees and forbade me to continue and things got very bad with my family when they found out that we are still talking to each other. My father says that he won't accept it. After a while we both decided that there is nothing else that we can do and we ended it. I don't know if we did the right thing or not. We live in a country and a society where we can't just defy our parents and get on with our lives. Yet, I can't seem to forget him. I love him too much. Have I given up so easily? Did he not do enough for us? Or were we not meant to be? It is so confusing and it hurts like hell... letting go of the person that you love and getting through every day and every night missing them and wishing that they were here.


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