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      Could I still love him?


I met my Henry when I was 24 years old, we started dating and i don't know when or how but i fell madly in love with him. I gave him my whole being and heart. I come from a catholic family and he had already been married by the catholic church and divorced with 3 children. my father strongly disagreed with the relationship and my mom did everything she could to end it. She eventually did. He then married and i also married and have 1 child with my husband of 17 years. But, i have never forgottem my henry. I still think about him and my heart beats fast when i remember. My father passed away 13 years ago from cancer, and my mom is ill in a nursing home now. I ask myself what if, after all these years. I love my husband, but not with the passion that i loved my first love.

Could I still love him?

My father is gone and my mom doesn't know what day it is and only worries about when her next dose of medications will be. I now realize that I should have fought harder for the man that I loved. I know that it was true love, and that kind of love with passion and the giving of your whole soul only comes but once in a lifetime.

Don't make the same mistake that I made.


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