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      I still love him...


i really love this guy, although many says that we are not for each other...

we've been in a relationship for about a year and 5 months.

he didn't txt me or even come to our house for a visit..

We had lost communication since he had no cp at all... because of the holdappers..

anYway, its just a few minutes to drop by into our house, but still he did not.

he had send me comments in friendster but i doubt..

I remember, he told me that he doesn't love me the way he does before..

and shit!!! amf... i was really hurt. i don't know what to do..

i want to forget him.. but still, I had accepted the fact..

I love him dearly, and I want to share my life with him...

but that;'s ridiculous..

i'm hopeless.. I want to Forget him.. but I can't....

although we don't have any personal reconciliation..

i still hope that someday, he would greet me and tell me,

how much he missed me..


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