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      Him and her


My best guy friend, but also my biggest love. He was clueless...he never suspected that I ever thought of him as more than a friend. he was perfect...he was the sweetest boy, and was so cute. and ofcourse...he's going out with my close friend. everyday i would talk to him online, while he'd tell me about how much he loved her. at school he still talked to me, but he flirted with her so much i can't bring myself to hang out with them togethor. it hurt so much...i never loved someone so much. my other best friend liked him too, but she doesnt know that i like him. everyday i encourage her, telling her that she had a chance with him, even as i was telling myself no one does, especially not me. and his girlfriend who was supposed to be my friend knew i loved him, but apparently she "forgets." it hurts so much...too many tears wept over him. but meanwhile i'll just keep wishing, wishing, wishing....he knew


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